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Connecting to a Cube using Excel?

Hi I have Excel 2003 (or is it 2002….anyway it’s one of these) and need a little guidance regarding how to make a connection to my cube. I tried the Pivot Wizard but do not see any option which allows me to connect to my cube. Kindly assist.

In Excel XP On the Data Menu Import External Data
——-> New Database query Click on the OLAP Cubes tab Select New Data Source, Click OK Enter a name for the data source (anything you like) Choose an OLAP provider (MS used to recommend "…OLAP services 8.0") Then you’ll be in the multidimensional connection wizard Choose Analysis Server, enter the serve name, provide credentials if necessary Click Next, choose a database. You then go back to the Create New Data Source dialogue, choose a cube. Click OK a couple of times and the pivot table wizard come up. Regards, Robert. PS It is also possible to open these reports in IE once created through Excel. (can’t remember the exact details, but you may need to save as an html doc.)

Many thanks. Will try it out ASAP <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />