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Connection between 2 Analysis Services

I’am new to SQL Server Analysis Services. Currently i have downloaded "SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services" and also have SP4 on it. The help says its Version 8.00.2039. The same environment has been setup in another machine and now i’am trying to register the other machine in my Analysis Manager. While trying them it shows the following error "Errors occurred while connecting to Mch-Name. ActiveX component can’t create object. Do you still want to register this server " Basically i want to connect to other machine and access the Cubes created in that machine. Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanx in Advance Kishore BG
This is because of permission issue.
You need to find out the windows account by which the other as server is running.
Then you need to add the same domain account to start the service on your box.
Also make sure that the account should be in administrator or olap administrator group. After this you can easily register another server on your box