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connection cold not be made to server

installed SQL Server 2005 on my laptop. I tried to publish a report after I finish the example in the SQL Server 2005 Tutorial. I got this error "A connection cold not be made to report serverhttp://localhost/ReportServer". I have SQL Server 2000 with report server installed on my machine before I installed the SQL Server 2005. Is this a problem? And how can I fix it? Thanks & Regards
Mathivanan K
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From tek-tips forum:
Try this:
A. Go to the "Data" tab in the visual studio report project (Report Designer) B. Bring up the DataSet properties by clicking the little button with three dots "…" next to the DataSet dropdown listbox in the top left corner of the Data tab. C. Bring up the Data Source properties by clicking the little button with three dots "…" next to the Datasource dropdown listbox in the upper middle of the DataSet properties page. D. Bring up the Data Link properties by clicking the "Edit…" button next to the Connection string textbox in the middle-right of the Data Source properties page. E. Do not type any password or click any checkboxes or radio buttons on the Data Link properties page, just click the "Test Connection" button. If it fails you will not be able to do a preview. F. If you retype the password, retest the connection, excpet this time it works then you need to turn on the "Allow saving password"
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