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Connection String – in config file for dll

I am writing a data processing extension to Microsoft SQL 2000 Reporting Services which will allow me to use an ADO.NET DataSet as a datasource for my report. The final goal is to have a web based solution which can call upon Reporting Services’ Web Service. The web service will call upon a stored procedure which returns a dataset. I currently have a custom class (dll) which implements a data processing extension. My problem is this: I need a way to dynamically set the connection string to the database, both for design time and for run time. I would like it to be buried in a config file that the data processing extension code can access. I need this so my app can be as configurable as possible. Since I’m using a dll, I don’t think I can use web.config or app.config. For designtime, I’ve tried using RSReportDesigner.config, but so far that has not worked. Any ideas on either the runtime or designtime placement of this connection string? Thanks & Regards
Mathivanan K
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