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couldnt resolve it? pls help

My DTS is suppose to transfer a excel file(.xls) data into my database. Error description: The number of failing rows exceeds the maximum specified. TransformCopy ‘DTSTranformation-7’ conversion error: Destination does not allow NULL on column pair 1 (source column ‘ABC’ (DBTYPE_WSTR) destination column ‘ABC’ (DBTYPE_STR)). The funny thing here is this error won’t occur if during the conversion, the excel file is opened. There is no null in that particular column in the excel file also. I have setup this job since 3 months, it was loading fine but all of a sudden it is giveing this error. since 3 months nothing has changed in the scenario.
Not sure how to resolve this. Thanks!
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There are few things you can try Try by changing destions column (ABC) to allow null abd then run the DTS. From that you can itendify what are the null columns Or else
you can use multi phase data pump to do the erroe handling
I tried loading allowing NULLS, it was loaded but triple times. I have an IDENTITY key on the table, now how shud I get rid of duplicate records effectively. Thanks!
"He laughs best who laughs last"