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Create a Cube from a Denormalized Table

Can I create a cube from a denormalized table (onle one table) in SSAS? I know we can create a cube from a denormalized table in Cognos. Any help will be appreciated.<br />Thanks[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />],<br />Alim<br /><br />Alim Mia
Yes you can create a complete DWH solution from denormalized table.
If one table has got all measures and info about all your dimensions in SSAS.
You can.
in SSIs you need to follow normal DWH concepts. so nothing new here —————————————-
Would you please tell me how that could be done? In general, I can not build a cube from a table. It asks me for dimension table. Please refer me some documentations or instructions.
Thanks again. Alim Mia
Hi Alim,
SSAS is a very broad topic.
You need to refer to many tecnical books on using ssas in depth.
Read articles by using google on it.
For now i can give you a overview as
In SSAS there is new object creation method which is Named query which acts as views in SSAS. Consider You got one huge denormalized table with fields customerid,custname,SaleAmount
Step 1>Create a data source in ssas project.
2>Create DSV to incude the above table
3>Create named query on the above table as select cutid,name from table and add it to your DSV which will act as dimension. Your fACT is SaleAmount.
4>Create cube based on this DSV.
5>Deploy and Process the project.
6>DWH Solution done and Fire basic MDX to test what you have got in your cube.
7>MDX will be
With set customerSet as Customer.custid.[1]:Customer.custid.[20]
SELECT measures.saleamount on 0,customerSet on 1 from [Cube Name] The above steps shows a basic fundamentals of DWH but in real time Analysis will be based on time and other measures based on your data. So start reading more and more articles and books to understand all above to create your solution by having just one denormalised table.
Thanks, Ranjit. Alim Mia