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Create a xls File without Excel Application?

hi i have to export some databases to a xls File with DTS and VBA on a MIcrosoft SQL Server 2000.
in Dts it is not very difficult but i have to do this dynamicly. So i have to create a new xls File with Scripting FileSystemObject
but on the server is no Excel Application.
u know how i can do this?
i have mayby a solution:
1.archiving the data static
2.copy the file to other folder
3.rename the new file
but then i have to delete the value of the static file before a job, otherwise the file will be bigger and bigger.
any ideas?
Using DTS you can export the table contents to a Excel formated file or text format file by supplying the extension .XLS or .TXT. I believe DTS overwrites the existing file. If not you can use OSQL in order to generate report in CSV format. Satya SKJ
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