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created cluster, them moved nodes to other AD OU

Hi guys,
Excellent bunch of people and resources here – one of my most visited sites lately!! We created a cluster on win 2003 ent ed with two nodes, which was working fine – so setup SQL on one instance – was also running fine. We later realised the nodes weren’t assigned to the correct OU in active directory to have the group policies applied …
Sooo – moved the nodes into their proper OU, did gpupdate and now our virtual cluster has dissappeared!! (despite reading this article after moving OU’s)
We’ve already done a fair bit of configuration of SQL schema, and our front end based on the cluster backend. Do you know if theres a way to create a new virtual cluster (or get back the old one) and restore our existing schema etc so that the front end never notices that it ever left??
Can you explain a bit about what kind of configuration you have setup on SQL Server.
The option available is to restore system databases along with user databases from this instance to that newly created instance. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for the response satya.<br />We create a new OU and put the Server in this via Active Direcotry.<br />Set the cluster service to automatic (was disabled), did a restart and all’s back to normal again. <br />Easy Peasy <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />