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Creating Matrix reports from OLAP Cubes

Hello there I am trying to create a Matrix report from an OLAP cube but not having any luck. the end result I want is the UserName along the Row section, Months of the year along the column section (the date range will be specified in the MDX statement), and the Data will be a count of hits (which is my Measure) to my website on a per month basis and Grouped By the UserName. My MDX statement looks like this: SELECT
{[Time].[Calendar].[2004].[May]:[Time].[Calendar].[2004].[June] } on Columns ,
{[Business].[User].[Business Entity Id].[5611].Children} on Rows
FROM UsageStats_Phase1
This query executed in the MDX Sample Application returns exactly what i want. but I am having trouble getting the same information in a Matrix or Table report. Would anyone have any idea how to go about doing this? I’m quite new to MDX, OLAP, and Reporting Services (not a very strong position to be in, i know!) – so any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in anticipation