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creating new users on standby server

How can i create new users on standby database(read only). Madhukar
You need to perform the steps defined the log shipping role changes as mentioned in the books online. The DTS package will take care of transfer logins and jobs.
Keeping Logins in Sync
The DTS package that is created to copy the logins for the database from the primary to the secondary needs to be created for each secondary server that is part of the log shipping plan. This package should be scheduled to run on a regular basis. Another SQL Server Agent job should be created for the backing up of the syslogins table, and have the job copy the file to the secondary. As with the DTS package, this job must either have multiple job steps to copy the file to all secondary servers, or have multiple jobs. When log shipping is first configured, these jobs should be run to ensure that the secondary is in sync with the primary; then it can be run manually or scheduled at a regular interval (scheduled is the recommended way). If the primary server is completely unavailable, and the logins were never transferred, the warm standby cannot be brought online. If the logins were scheduled to be applied, the worst-case scenario is that the secondary would be a bit out of sync if users are added on a regular basis and some would need to be added manually.
Satya SKJ
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