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When in the context of Custom Code, can global collections be accessed? I’ll trying to access the Parameters collection but was given the following error C:Documents and SettingsshoyMy DocumentsVisual Studio ProjectsWindowsApplication1Report Project1external_user.rdl There is an error on line 4 of custom code: [BC30469] Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference. The code is:
Public Function FormatData(format As String, value As String) As Object
Dim formatted As Object
Select format
Case "Date"
If Not value = "" Then
formatted = Parameters("Culture").Value
‘ formatted = Convert.ToDateTime(value).ToShortDateString()
End If
Case Else
formatted = value
End Select
Return formatted
End Function TIA,
Siew Fai.
It looks to me like you have to reference the parameters collection through the report, i.e. Report.parameters("Culture").Value[8D] Jack Corbett, DBA
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