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Database Attach Error

Dear Experts, One of my production SQL Server2000 Database crashed due to unknown reasons.
I don’t have SQL Server agent backups for this database.
Luckily i got MDF and LDF files of this database, when i try to attach the database i getting below mentioned error. I/O error (bad page ID) detected during read at offset 0x00000016774000 in file ‘h:sqlMSSQLdataxxx.mdf’..
Is there any other alternative to restore my database?
I know backup/restore and copy wizard won’t work out in this scenario.
FYI: I don’t have single full backup file with me. I have only MDF and LDF’s and SQL server 2000 with SP4 Let me know if you know any thing about this? Cheers,
Looks like the file itself got corrupted. I would probably call Microsoft PSS to help you out here. —
Frank Kalis
Microsoft SQL Server MVP
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KBA;en-us;826433 for reference and make sure server hardware is not compromised with issues. May be a good chance to restore the backup on other server to see the implications. Satya SKJ
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