Database Performance Tuning Handbook

Database Performance Tuning Handbook
by Jeff Dunham
Copyright 1997
McGraw Hill Text

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Unlike the other books I review on this website, this book is a little different. Rather than focusing on SQL Server (although there is a chapter devoted to SQL Server 6.5, the book was published before SQL Server 7.0 became available), this books looks at database performance tuning in general, with specific chapters devoted to a variety of high-end databases.

If you are a real database performance tuning diehard, or you work with databases other than SQL Server, then you might want to add this book to your library as it provides you with a more rounded perspective of database tuning than other books I recommend. But if you don’t plan on working with any database other than SQL Server, then buying this book will probably be a waste of money. Here’s the topics covered in this book:

  • Statistics Collection (and monitors)

  • Mainframe Blocking and Buffering

  • PC Files and Buffers

  • DB2 System Tuning

  • Logical Database Design

  • Microsoft SQL 6.5 Tuning

  • Oracle 7.3 & 8.0 Tuning

  • Windows NT 4.0 Tuning

  • Windows 95 Tuning

  • PC & Client/Server Program Coding

  • Sybase 11 Tuning

  • Mainframe Coding

  • Mainframe Sorts

  • CA-IDMS 12 & 14 Tuning

  • Mainframe Multi-Level Caching

  • PC & Client/Server Caching

  • Communications and Networking

  • Advanced Topics


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