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Datamart: Clustering, Replication, log ship?

Currently we take a nightly backup of a database and restore it to a second server to use as a datamart server and balance some of the reporting load off our central transaction server. 3rd party tools are used for reporting and only do read-only operations on the data. I would like to research other alternatives to nightly backups that could give us a real-time copy of the transactional db, such as clustering, replication or log shipping. Which of these 3 options would fit our needs? Would any of these slow down the transactional server? If more than 1 would work, which method is best? Thanks Dave
I’ve never seen BACKUP for a database will have slowdown effect on the database, until unless the data files and backup files disk subsystem has few issues in handling the operation. In this case you can use Log shipping (never tried on Datamart type of environment) which can support as warm standby and less hassle as compared to Cluster or Replication. Satya SKJ
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