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Date Picker + Conditional Processing

Hi, Having being given the task of getting to grips with Reporting Services I’ve spent the last couple of days playing around with it and have a couple of questions to see if anybody has found solutions or whether it’s me merely getting over excited. 1) With Report Parameters is there a way of imploying custom controls. You appear limited by either textbox/dropdown/checkbox and I can see the majority of reports I’d want to write would involve a date range, which presently I either have to type manually or use a drop down. Neither approach is that user friendly and I was wondering if anybody had got anything like a date picker working? 2) With textboxes within a grid is it possible to conditionally displaying values, either fixed or derived from a dataset. I was thinking you could do this via extension code, but I know you have the conditionally styling but this didn’t work for saying displaying a certain title depending on a value. Has anybody else done something like this and if so how? Many Thanks in Advance, James
For params, we have a custom page that allows us to enter the information in a useful format (for example, 2 calendar controls, or multi-select lists), then jump to the url to show the report. To show different values in the text box, the IIF construct is most useful, eg
<Value>=IIF(Parameters!IsMonth.Value=1, "Monthly", "Weekly")</Value> or you can create a handy function in the code section, eg
<Value>=Code.ReportType(Parameters!IsMonth.Value)</Value> Graham

Thanks Graham, I tried IFF initially but it didn’t work, but I’ll look at it again since it must have been something I’ve done wrong, thanks for the suggestion regarding custom pages I’ll give it a go. Thanks, James