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db level permission

I have some issue with db permission level.
When I run this query (I want this to work so that I do not have to type the fully qualified name every time): select * from pfn_include_user_temp
I get this:
Invalid object name ‘pfn_include_user_temp’ This works fine..
select * from pfn_stg_target_2.pfn_include_user_temp
Do I need to invoke sp_changedbowner. Can someone help? Thanx
Yes, you need. It is a good idea to create all objects with the ‘dbo’ owner to avoid your problem and problems with the broken ownership chains. WBR, Vlad A. Scherbinin
Ensure the referred account has SELECT permission on that object instead of calling change owner SP again and again, follow as suggested by Ray. Satya SKJ
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