Keep a Track of Your SQL Server Database with DB Audit Expert


Other important feature of the DB Audit Expert is its reporting capabilities. There are five types of reports available:

  • Data Change Audit Configuration: Will provide the users with the reports of tables, which are configured for the auditing.
  • Data Change Audit Trail: Users can view various types of audited data like from application wise, table wise, schema wise. In addition, there are summaries for audited tables.
  • System Audit Configuration: Provides users with the reports of system audit configurations.
  • System Audit Trail: Provides the audited data report.
  • User Defined Reports: A handy feature for users to manage their own reports.

Using this feature, you can filter and group customized reports. Even user-defined reports have the facility of creating formulas, similar to Crystal Reports. Users have the flexibilities of creating folders so that they can keep reposts which are falling to one category into a one folder, which will ease the access of reports.

All the reports have the sorting, filtering, searching facilities which increase the usability of the DB Audit Expert.


Support is an essential factor when choosing a tool. There is a forum on the publisher’s website that deals with user problems. However, questions are not answered frequently due to the lack of awareness of the community. Personal support came by means of e-mail from the vendors, and those inquiries were answered quickly. On the product website, a FAQ, on-line support and forums are available. Users can send their feedback and suggestions to the product site from the product website.

Update Service

No update service is available. Even though there is a menu option called “update option’” it is just points the users to the product website. From there, users need to download the update and install it manually.

Product Information

The best way to find out whether DB Audit Expert is an ideal tool to have in your toolbox is to download the thirty-day trail version from Users have to fill a simple registration form. For the pricing and upgrades information of DB Audit Expert, which is an important attribute of any tool, visit: For the latest developments on DB Audit Expert, visit


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