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Debugging a procedure

Hi, When I try to debug a procedure, it simply ends saying "RETURN_VALUE = 0" In the status bar, it says completed, it does not loop through the statements, I remember debugging these procedures many times, please tell me why? Thanks in advance. Regards,
Are you pressing F5? You need to press F11 to step through.
Hi Adriaan, Yeah, I press F10 to step over and F11 to step through, it waits for the procedure to complete and then gives the message "RETURN_VALUE = 0", thank you. Regards,
Deva and for relevant information. HTH Satya SKJ
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Hi, I identified the problem about this, I was trying to debug a procedure from the linked (remote) server. This is not allowed by my local query analyzer, when I use remote desktop control or net meeting utility, I am able to debug the same as usual. Thank you both adriaan and satya. Regards,
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