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Deleting data after replication

Is there a way to create a procedure possibly that we can delete data in a database that has been replicated to another server’s database without it replicating the deletions on the replicated server? If so, how in SQL Server 2005? We are wanting our front-end sql server to handle all the load, then replicate to our second front-end database server for reporting and/or failover. We are also wanting to replicate our 2nd database server to a third for failover purposes. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!
well, what is the purpose of deleting data after replication. Then it is not replication. you can use technology like DTS —————————————-
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We are considering designing our application to use two databases. The first database would be the one where multiple browsers store lots of information simultaneously. The second one would receive replicated data from the first one, and would be used for reporting the results from the information entered in the first database. We would like to develop some way to regularly clear out day-old or older entries in the first database (thus speeding up response time during the data entry) without replicating the deletions to the second database.