Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Notes from the Field

Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: Notes from the Field
by Microsoft Consulting Services
Copyright 1999
Microsoft Press

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This book provides a wide variety of real-life experiences on installing, configuring, and maintaining SQL Server 7.0 in the real world. It takes a case study approach, and each chapter is its own little section, essentially unrelated to the rest of the chapters in the book.

While the whole gamut of SQL Server is covered, the book offers several chapters that relate directly to SQL Server performance. They include:

  • Hardware Selection and Configuration

  • Building the Physical Data Model

  • Field Observations on Coding Queries and Transactions

While I would not consider this a “must-have” book for the DBA, I found it a fast and interesting read. The cases in the book provided me additional insight into the world of SQL Server.


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