Designing Relational Database Systems

Designing Relational Database Systems
by Rebecca M. Riordan
Copyright 1999
Microsoft Press

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This is one of two books I am recommending on database design on my website. The first is Database Design for Mere Mortals, and I recommend it for anyone who has little or no experience in database design.

This book is also a good fundamental book on designing relational database systems, but one of the major differences between these two books is that this one is Microsoft-specific. It focuses on database design for SQL Server 7, Access, and even tosses in Visual Basic-related information. It provides specific information on how to take advantage of Microsoft tools to design and build databases.

Another difference is that this book is slightly more technical, and because of this, I would not recommend it for the beginner. Instead, this book is better for readers who already have some foundation of relational database design. As another option, the beginner might want to read both books in order to get a better perspective of database design. In any event, this is a very readable book that I recommend.

The book is divided into three major sections:

  • Relational Database Theory

  • Designing Relational Database Systems

  • Designing the User Interface

The book includes a CD-ROM that includes many sample database design forms in Access 2000, Access 97, and Word.


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