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Development considerations for clustered database

Hi, I have currently started working on a project that will run on load balanced web servers and the database will be an SQL Server 2000 Active/passive cluster. I would like to learn if I need to consider any cluster related issues in terms of development for my CMS application. As far as I know, the cluster database seems to be seen as a single SQL server (virtual server) and I connect to the cluster DB with one connection string. What types of issues should I need to consider in my CMS application regarding the database cluster? (do I need to handle a failover case in the application itself or does the cluster handle it automatically) Thx Cudi
If a failover occurs your application need to be able to reconnect. A failover is basically a stop/start of the sql server service (stopped on one node and started on the other). In this case you might get a broken connection. For web users it might not be noticable unles you handle session data. Might be an idea to store the IIS session state in a sql database in that case (possible with Description of SQL Virtual Server client connections;en-us;273673 Cluster-Aware Applications…n-us/mscs/mscs/cluster_aware_applications.asp