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difference between import/exportand transformation

hi experts, i’m not able to understand the difference between import/export and transformation. i worked on import and export. then what is this transformation? how to work with this?
and one more thing what about ETL tools? E- extract, T- transformation and L- Load. i know up to this.how to start with these?
please provide me guidence.i was allotted to work on DTS.i’ve to take care of everything.
thanks for all valuble suggesions vinod kumar mallolu
Import, export and transformation (DTS) according to me the the same thing. DTS also transforms the data from one server to another server. but in DTS there are many tasks. u can see for urself when u make a new package. i dont have any knowledge abt ETL. and if u an doubts about DTS then ask me as I am exp in DTS. Thanks,