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I have two cubes.. one host cube and one application cube.. Now i need to link the two cubes based on host name.. Host name is present in Host cube and Site name is present in Application cube.. I need to link these both and get the keywords, referal page, number of applications running and number of visits. Am not able to link two cubes and get the result.. I tried using Virtual Cubes, but it just takes dimensions from both the cubes and gives da.. Can anyone help me out in this please.
Thanks in advance..
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In this scenario, there is only way possible is by creating virtual cube.
Are you creating cube by having a common dimension in both the cubes.
I think the way cubes have been created is wrong, and because of that you must not be able to see any data. Consider this:
Two cubes companyA,CompanyB.
CompanyA –>EmployeeDimA
CompanyB –>EmployeeDimB So now if i create a virtual cube and check data for companyB for all employee i will not able to see any data.
So you need to have commmon employee dimension for both companyA,companyB. In the same way, try to have common dimension for host,application and then create a virtual cube and then you can check the measure which is no_of_visitors.
Thanks for your reply..
What I have used is something same as what u have explained..
In Host Cube I have Host and Time Dimensions Shared and Applications is the measure..
.Host Time:
….Day And in SiteTracking cube I have SiteTracking Dimension Shared..
…Search Keywords
….FinalReferer Now I have used Virtual cube:
siteTracking Here From Host Dimension I need to take Host Name and compare it with SiteName in SiteTracking Dimension and get keywords and referer excluding for status=180 which is in Host Dimension.. So my question is "Can we use dimensions with conditions in Analysis service.. I have two dimensions and i need output for particular condition"

Yes you can filter the dimension.
consider this MDX: select measures on 0,[SiteTracking].[SiteName].members on 1
from [Virtual_Cube]
where ([Host_Dim].[Status].&[180])
Hi RanjitJain,
Thanks alot for Your reply.. I think this would be really helpfull.. Will try out this..
Thanks once again