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Domain Admin Account

Does the account that the SQL Cluster runs as on the domain have to be a domain admin or part of the BUILT-INAdministrators Group (escentailly a domain admin)?
No. The account only needs to be a regular member of the domain, but it needs to be a local admin on each node of the cluster. Making this account a member of the domain admins is a needless security risk. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Brad, Thanks for the real world info. I have been searching the web and do not find any documentation from Microsoft to support the need of only a local admin. Do you know of any? I really just want a piece of paper that proves this is the only rights needed to passify some questions. Thanks again. "At least one account must be created that will administer the SQL Server as well as the SQL Server Agent. This can be two separate accounts, and does not need to be a domain administrator, but a valid domain account." "…the account is automatically assigned the proper privileges during the installation process"