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Don’t use Access as a front-end … alternatives?

On your website you write
quote:If you are interested in the fastest performance, don’t use Access as a front-end to a SQL Server database. While Access is relatively easy to learn and fast to develop in, its performance is poor when compared to other front-end options. But if you like to develop in Access, or don’t have any choice, then the tips on this page will help a little to boost your application’s performance. [6.5, 7.0, 2000] Updated 2-20-2006
Thats exactly what we search for. We have a MS SQL Server 2000 as database and MS Access 2003 as Front-End. And yes it’s slow.
But what are the alternatives? I’m searching for webbased alternatives without MS Access. Maybe IIS and ASP.NET? But how to create complex reports in the web? Which alternatives to MS Access as front-end exists? Have you ever face with the same problem and what desission did you make? What easy ways exisits to create complex reports in the web (e.g. DbNetGrid )? It would be of great help to me if you have any informations about that.
..I’m searching for webbased alternatives without MS Access. Maybe IIS and ASP.NET?

For a Microsoft web-based front-end to your SQL Server database, ASP.NET on IIS would do just fine. The work involved here(development, deployment, support) would be much less than what you are currently facing and the performance is bound to be several times better. Remember that performance will also be dependant on how you have designed your database and how you work with the data inside that database. You might have to think beyond just having a better front-end.
But how to create complex reports in the web?

The list of reporting tools for a web-based app is long and growing by the day. You could start by looking at Crystal Reports (comes with Visual Studio .NET) or SQL Server Reporting Services. Nathan H. Omukwenyi

many thanks for your answer. I think ASP.NET on IIS will be our choice. have you a source where i can refer a list of reporting tools? unfortunately i have big difficulties to find a variety of good reporting tools.
Google is your best friend and also search on Software spotlights in this website, recently I have reviewed a reporting tool in association with SQL Reporting services. Satya SKJ
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I have made several upgrade/upsizing from Access to SQL server. Access is a good start up for small business/small number of users. However, if you are growing, you can phase out the Access with step-by-step approach instead of one giant step. First, I suggest to move first all your queries/stored procedures to SQL server (specially the report objects). Once you have a thin front-end, you can start moving to other reporting tools. There are several good reporting tools. Mostly, it depends on your particular business situation (cost, client, personnel resources, time, etc). if you’re moving to data warehousing, use the business object/crystal report. business object is good for data warehouse, crystal for operational reports (aside from support in .Net). You can also use the Cognos because of its capability (i.e. dashboard, ETL, etc.) and marketing presence. If you need more information, just let me know. Hope this helps.