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DTS 2K and Ingres Import Hangs

Hi All, I have a problem with a DTS package to import data from one of our Ingres based Databases. I’ve recently moved the DTS package from one server to another and recreated the Ingres ODBC Settings, which are all OK. When I run the package through EM and the CMD line, it runs OK, but not as a scheduled task. I’ve had a look at a KB Article Q318819 and followed the steps about package threads on 3rd party drivers, but this doesent help, nor does making sure DTSRun isnt in the current task list. Could anyone help me out please? TIA.
Probably check with Ingres driver and Ingres side to see whether the process is hung during the import/export.
I would think about user privileges and connectivity. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for this Satya. What’s the difference between running the DTS job manually and through a schedule? I would have thought Ingres would not know which was which ? Cheers