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DTS best practices for newbie

I have a SQL server with around 10 DTS packages used to import data contained within various text files into an accounting system. The current packages are produced by a non-techie and are a bit clunky i.e. hard coded usernames and passwords, connection strings, file paths etc and are written in VB script. I have the thought of re-writing these packages to tidy them up but am not sure how best to go about it. I am thinking about it with thought in the future of an upgrade to SQL 2005 so want to ensure the packages are not going to need another major re-write when I upgrade. Is there anything that falls into the ‘If you’re re-writing DTS packages then take the opportunty to do xyz to prepare for SQL 2005’ category? I appreciate I am being a bit vague about what I want to achieve but I guess part of it is simply to make a case for doing the work so I can carve more of a niche for myself with the client…
I would go withhttp://vyaskn.tripod.com/sql_server_dts_best_practices.htm this link. Satya SKJ
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