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DTS Change Database Owner From DBO

Using SQL 2000, does anyone know how to change the database owner globally during the DTS process? I run the dts process wizard and the database that I am moving from one server to another has the table owner as DFIADM verses DBO. When I select all the tables to move, it assigns dbo as the new tables as the owner. I have to change each table and edit dbo to dfiadm before finishing the DTS process. I have over 60 tables per database that I am moving… A little painful… David

IN general SP_CHANGEDBOWNER statement is used to change the DBowner for a database, and this must be running using SA or equal privileged account after you finish the DTS process. Satya SKJ
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Hi, I saw this topic and I’m experiencing something similar though I’m sure it has to do with my unfamiliarity with creating users and dbo privileges. I’m trying to grant access to an outside vendor to import their latest version of a database. I set them up with a user account that had db_owner privileges, however when they ran the dts process it copied all the data as new tables rather than overwriting the existing tables and the new tables were all associated with the user is created instead of dbo user. What do I need to do to facilitate this process? Thanks, Meantone