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DTS copy

Hi In Server1 there is a main DTS Package internally calls other DTS packages (say DTS2 and DTS3). I am saving the main DTS package to other server SERVER2. SERVER2 already has DTS2 and DTS3. for some reason while executing the main DTS package on SERVER2 , the called packages DTS2 and DTS3 still refers to the old server1. what STEPS to be done on the main package on SERVER2 so that the DTS2 and DTS3 refers to the new SERVER2 (not the server1).
Probably version id change but i do not know how to do it. thanks
How are you running the package?
If via an execute package task then load the main package into the designer, right click on the execute package task, select properties and you will see the server from which the package will be loaded.
You can change this and save the package or you can add a dynamic properties task to set the server from a variable.
Setting it to (local) should load from whichever server it is run on.