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DTS Error – Since upgrading to SQL2k

We finally upgraded our main DB server to 2000 this week and it was mostly seamless. But we have a couple of tiny issues and were hoping someone else knew about them. There are many jobs in this system, several of which execute DTS packages. 2 of them are having issues since moving to SQL 2k – the rest are all ok.
Whats even more bizarre, is that one of the 2 jobs executes 6 steps, each step is a DTS package. Only one of the steps fails. Other than the file specifics (there are all data pump tasks from DBF files) each of the DTS packages is the same, yet only 1 of the 6 of them fails. The other one that fails is a single step job that executes the DTS package and it has this error. Rest of jobs are okay. Running the DTS directly doesnt produce the error.
Here is the only information we’re getting back. We’ve checked rights, paths etc. Help anyone???? Error: -2147024864 (80070020); Provider Error: 0 (0)
Error string: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
Error source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package
Help file: sqldts80.hlp
Help context: 1100
Did you try reisntall SP?
Luis Martin
Yup. And nothing else on the server, including the other 30 jobs were having problems so it was a bit of an oddity. Silly thing in the end actually. SQL 2k is faster than 7 (faster box too).
When the 2 failing processes were setup, whoever did had the data pump task and the job log to the same file. It wasnt a problem on sql7/NT4 but is on 2000/2000, because now the two parts are trying to write at the same time. Changed the log file for the job and all is okay. Thanks for looking though! I rarely get to ask questions here and thought I had a good one. Oh well. Chris
Good for you Chris, have nice week end. Luis Martin