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DTS export misses some SPs, UDFs and views

Hello, Just got an issue where my DTS export from the production server to the disaster recovery
box (located in another building) that appears to be missing some SPs, UDFs and views. – Applies to nine objects, just enough to affect the DR capacity I am selecting the dependent objects on the copy tab, even if I select copy options and select the affect objects they still dont appear in the destination SQL instance. Any ideas anyone please?? In the meantime I’ll set a couple of test DTS going outside the existing DTS schedule to attempt to find the issue. – Possibly if I run the DTS as an Import locally on the DR box, rather than export from source???!! cheers, supag33k
Some further information on my DTS issue, any opinions and instructions would be most appreciated please..: i) Using DTS rather than replication as the previous database supported the DTS going to a DR box very nicely (copied all objects and data successfully and regularly) and besides I had the neccessary bandwidth… ii) With the new database makes no difference if I specify and save the DTS at either source or destination, or use either import or export, the problem remains that several views, SP’s and User defined functions are not copied across. Noteably the amount of objects that are copied varies from iteration to iteration, depending it seems on how many modules and users the actual SQL application has in use (??) – this would suggest possibly an isolation level/ read commited issue ?? Looks like I have a couple of choices I guess: A) Drop destination database on the DR server, re-create dest (on another server) with DCW, then just copy the table data only across via DTS (no objects via DTS) B) Drop destination database on the DR server, re-create using DCW, then specify transaction replication, but if the objects are changed in the master database over a period of time – this means that I have to drop and re-create my DR database (destination) frequently and re-specify my transaction replication?? regards, supag33k