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DTS Global variable

Hi guys,
I want to pass rowset to be used in activex script in my DTS.
To achive this what kind of Global variable i need to store and how can i loop through that recordset[B)]
by using an activex script you should be able to create rowset inside the scripts! I am not sure about ur requirment. Can you explain your requirement in detail —————————————-

Hi Dinesh,
I’ll modify my first question.
Now the thing is can i open recordset in activex script same like we do in vb application.
if yes then i dont need to pass rowset through global variable.
ok, then in DTS you can have vb script
check this http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dtssql/dts_addf_ax_06er.asp —————————————-

Hi Dinesh,
The link was very good.
Hi Dinesh,
I’m able to create a recordset in ActiveX Script but how to use the connection object created outside script to refer inside script for recordset.
Howz that possible.