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DTS Implementation

Hi Experts, we are facing one problem : one of tables in our database is having records around 9 million .This is a master table and so we need to scan this table frequently,in current scenrio we have implemented data manipulation using window services develop in .net,but it is too slow and we can not acheive daily order processing target e.g 150000 records, we have implemented indexes also. i come across different performance improvement articles in .net application, we have implemented all most all feasible one but still we can not achieve performance as desired,then i come across with DTS in sql server approach for data manipulation since mostly it deals with backend ,here i want your help to measure is DTS reliable and performance improver for this scenrio,please share your practical ideas and help us. -Hardik

DTS is based on graphical tools and programmable objects that lets you extract, transform, and consolidate data from disparate sources into single or multiple destinations. Have you checked what queries are causing these performance issues, defragmentation of indexes. Can you produce a design to use this an archive database and let the application to use a live database without any interruption. Satya SKJ
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