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DTS Import error – remote ftp SQL Server

I have a remote SQL server that i can attach to via the entrprise manager (by typing in its ip addr and registering it) I can see its tables and views etc fine when i go to create a DTS job to extract the data I get this error message : "DTS Import / Export Error" "The License for the installation of SQL server on you source and destination connection does not permit the use of DTS to transform data. See your Licenense agreement for more info" however I can shedule DTS job fine between servers on my site and the dba of the remote SQL server can use DTS fine also any suggestions anyone ?
Put simply this means that the non-Desktop installation of SQL Server is using the Per-Client licensing method, and your are therefore not entitled to use the Desktop edition so I’m not going to let you transfer this data! You can change the licensing mode from via the Control Panel. This KBAhttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/207809/EN-US/ refers to SQL version 7. Satya SKJ
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Thanks so much for the info – looks like i’ve got it under control now you are a STAR !!!!!!