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DTS Jobs Running In Parallel Issue

I am trying to run my DTS packages in Parallel but they do not actually run in Parallel. I want to run two tasks at a time and have two separate paths. What happens is DTS1 and DTS3 runs, then the other DTS tasks do not. Report says no errors. Each individual job creates no errors. Haven’t done a master DTS before so maybe I’m missing a simple setting. I don’t use any variables or complex logic, each package just copies tables. http://makingmemories.com/DTSdiagram.gif Thanx
You can try creating a dummy master SQL task as first step and on completion make two diffrent parallel steps to call other tasks inside DTS.
I hope the dummy task will make two parallel calls
In looking at the layout, I note that you have only 1 connection to the database. You should try making another connection. You will also have to set one of the things you want to run in parallel to use that connection instead. To get a better idea of how this should look, try using the import wizard to copy a number of tables from one database to another (save it of course). It will setup several different connections to the same databases so that it will copy in parallel. Hope this helps.
This is where I am confused a bit. I am calling is the other DTS packages, which no connection is requried. The connection is mainly there for the SQL scripts if there is an error. I will try making a second connection and setting the failed processes to different ones. Thanx