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DTS load text file

Hi I need to create a DTS package that imports a text file each day. The problem I have is the file has a date stamp on it so the file name changes each day. The filename starts ussdyyyymmdd.txt (ussd20070419.txt tomorrow it would be ussd20070420.txt) How can I get the DTS package to pick the file up each day ?
http://groups.google.co.uk/group/mi… file to import&rnum=2&hl=en#dcb6c380219d1af4 Satya SKJ
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You can also use BCP and OPENROWSET…. The following is the example is sql to text file but you can use the sample to do opposite… http://sqljunkies.com/WebLog/madhivanan/archive/2005/10/26/17217.aspx
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