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Hello I have just moved my SQL Server from a Windows 2000 server to a Windows 2003 server. The new server is in another domain so their are different logins etc. My problem is with the DTS Local Packages. There are several processes that just fail. It cant be the server name because i renamed the old server to SQL01_OLD and the packages run without a problem. I notice the Owner of the packages are Microsoft users from the old domain and i am assuming that this may be the problem? I cant however find a way to change this. When i go into Package Disconnected Edit it comes up with an error "Login failed for user" Any help would be great! Regards Nat
Check this
Thanks dineshasanka! Gave this a whirl but no luck. Unfortunatly i dont know much about these processes. Could you point me to the direction of assigning rights to these? I am sure this is an authentication issue. thanks again Nat
Check this as well
http://www.sqldts.com/default.aspx?204 www.sqldts.com has many resources check that site
Perhaps the scheduled jobs that run the packages have the old owner. That’s easy to change right on the Sched Job.
An old owner on the DTS itself shouldn’t cause a problem, unless you’re modifying the DTS as a non-admin. There’s a way to change the DTS owner if you really need to. — Change DTS package owner select * from master..sysxlogins — Get sid of new owner UPDATE sysdtspackages
set [owner] = ‘NewOwner’,
owner_sid = 0x878A40AACC099E449E3BD9396B465B70 — new sid where [name] = ‘DTS_Package_Name’ I’ve only done this once or twice, to give a non-admin developer the ability to modify a DTS written by someone no longer at the company. It’s best be careful messing with system tables. This will update all the versions of the DTS stored in sysdtspackages.
Also KBAhttp://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;Q269074 covers the facts. Satya SKJ
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