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DTS/Local Packages problem

quote:I’ve been having a problem with creating an automated import from Access 2000 into SQL Server 7.0. What I’ve done is created a local package to delete all current records in the SQL table that my supervisor would like the Access records imported to. This package works if executed immediately or scheduled to run later. I then created a local package to impoort the records from the access database into the appropriate SQL Server table. This package works fine if executed immediatlely, but fails every time it is scheduled to run. I then tried to create one local package with both steps in one package. Basically the same exact thing happened. The records are deleted, but the package fails before the import. I’ve tried to schedule from the Local Packages directly, and I’ve tried to create a job under SQL Server Agent after saving the local package as a DTS file. Still no luck. I cannot seem to get detailed information as to why they are failing, as the only information I get is that it has failed. Using SQL only is not an option at this point, because my supervisor wants to continue working in Access 2000. Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated.

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Follow as suggested by LUis and I’ve deleted other duplicate posts (may check your connection settings for this duplication). Coming to the solution refer to this KBAhttp://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;Q269074 to manage DTS package via scheduled jobs. HTH Satya SKJ
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