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DTS malfunction

Hi, I have a DTS who run every day to feed two tables for the daily production at one of my client. The data comes from 2 "Text File Source". Those files are build with an ActiveX Script Task. There is a "Transform Data Task – Copy Column" between the Text File Source and the DB connection. Actually it worked fine for 6 months. I’ve made a minor change in the ActiveX Script Task to change a simple information. The Text File Source are still build correctly and everything execute perfectly, except that… SQL Server says the DTS runned fine and all the rows have been inserted in the 2 tables, but the reality is, one of the table have not been fed, no row inserted at all. When I execute the Task manually, it works. When I execute the whole Package, it doesn’t. Anyone have an idea??? thanks for your time and help, Dominic Gagné

Try to log the package and see the underline events and also run PROFILER during the execution of the package with and without a schedule. Satya SKJ
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