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DTS package: modified transformation & get error

I modified a Sql 7 DTS package that contains Connection 1: a MS SQL Server database, a transformation arrow (containing the sql query) and Connection 2: a text file output. I modified the sql query, removing/adding columns in the select statement. When I saved it, it told me it needed to delete/modify the transformation. It seemed to handle that part okay. However, when I right clicked on Connection 2, choose properties, then attempted to close by clicking OK, the Task References message window appeared with the comment that "The following tasks reference the connection that you just modified. Please select the task for which the transformations should be deleted." In the task name box,DTSTask_DTSDataPumpTask_1 appears. I went back to the transformation area and saw that a new source column was not listed in the destination, and a column removed from source was still in destination. I corrected these items however still got the same error message.
I then responded to the Task References message, and checked clear transformations for DTSTask_DTSDataPumpTask_1 . I still get the same message. Any idea what I am supposed to do here?
Thank you!
To avoid further confusion can you not re-design the package afresh. Satya SKJ
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