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DTS Package Name

Hi, I have a job calling DTS Package created through database maintanence plan.Now i cant figure out the DTS package calling through job ? In job we can see as follows. Is there any way to find out what is the DTS Package ? DTSRun /~Z0xE8F8C6507F2D61B1F6E661D75024D18CDFA66E59A89E28E4C4D193359AC8928B4EF131F34694989B60FB4E6323AA9B5A7946C4CE5D05EE1134E53F12BC8CBA5BC8C33F156150C6C445E181EF7C5E20E807CDB54E7FC0FEC89304BB3C4338ED298893F5FF40E0C96B52C2DD8BAF17270E3036F50C7FA851E4F2B5805F68E54782B3097EEFA0DCE0807CDCF4DB82B214CC8D9DBA1E8A610D3B18F08A081FA34D5A1378A3C390FDA62782910F2AA52BA8C8B8A81AC6CCAE59EFC8D3ACD076C1690D85FD4476A11B3B7732E319

Check out THE guid OF packages and cross check it Jr DBA