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DTS problem when scheduling as job

Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this as I am completely stumped. I have a DTS package that uses an activeX script to loop through a bunch of files in a folder. The data in the files is then inserted into a table. When running the DTS package from Enterprise Manager is runs perfectly fine. When I shedule the package to run as a job, the job begins executing but then just sits there. It never completes and never fails. I am pretty sure it is not permissions related as this would give me an error. I even removed the input files so there was no processing to do and again the job just started executing indefinitely. Any suggestions would be apreciated. Thanks,
Check this KB:
Thanks ranjitjain. I had already spent a while reading that page. Everything on there is specific to permissions. From my experience and my own tests, if there was a permissions issue, the job should fail with some kind of error message. My job never fails or completes, it just sits there saying ‘executing’ but doesn’t seem to do anything.
In that case you can look in your activeX script whether any msgbox left for testing which might hang your job.
Also if you are working with network file try full network path like \servernamedirfilename.
I’m sure your job is hanging which you can identify by doing more research on your own,
also you might want to try all kind of logging /trapping events.

Why don’t to enable the DTS package loggin in this case and refer what Ranjit is suggested.
Also menton what kind of error you are getting when it is scheduled. Satya SKJ
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