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DTS Problem with Global Variables

I have a group of DTS packages that I want to use with multiple databases. My problems is when I change the database Global variables the Data Driven Queries have the following problems:
1) The bindings default to the first table in the database.
2) After I change to the correct database the parameter values in the queries appear to resequence to the order of fields in the database. I still haven’t found a way to change the database for Transform Data Tasks. They appear to stay the same. Thanks in advance for your help. John Shaening John Shaening
May search thruhttp://www.sqldts.com website for any reference/code example in this regard. HTH _________
Satya SKJ

Here’s some sample code that works. Might not be the nicest way to do things but it does the job. Function Main() ‘ Change DataPump Destinations
‘ Easier to do this here than with Dynamic Properties
DTSGlobalVariables.Parent.Tasks.Item("NameOfDataPump").CustomTask.DestinationObjectName= "[" & DTSGlobalVariables("DestinationDBVariableName").Value & "].[dbo].[TableName]" ‘Change DataPump Source
DTSGlobalVariables.Parent.Tasks.Item("NameOfDataPump").CustomTask.SourceObjectName= "[" & DTSGlobalVariables("SourceDBVariableName").Value & "].[dbo].[TableName]" Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success End Function