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DTS step stalling

Good morning, I have a DTS package that filters and imports data from a linked server every morning. It has been stalling on occasion and I have been unable to isolate the cause. Our network isn’t exactly well maintained, so my best guess is that something is wrong with the connection between the local and linked server. When this package stalls, all local tasks complete without issue but the actuall transmission of data never succeeds. I was hoping that someone could offer some advice on locating the information necessary to troubleshoot the problem. The DTS logs are never written to as the package doesn’t actually fail, it just spins for hours until I manually kill it. Is there some way to set a timeout value for an individual task – or even the entire package – and retry on failure? Can anyone think of a reason that would cause the package to become stalled instead of returning failure?
Thanks in advance,

Have you checked the DTS package logs, if not try to enable and monitor the process with PROFILER for instance. Satya SKJ
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