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DTS Task Issue………

Hi all, I need to know,Is it possible to view sql statement of any executesql task in a DTS package using T-sql ??. we can view Sql statement by DTS graphical tool but i want to see the sql statement or text of any given task by writing T-sql statement. Thanks Shaurabh
Negative… You can use VB script to get information but not through tsql…
MohammedU Thanks for your reply but I guess, sql statement of a task should be stored somewhere ?? pl suggest
N if it does store somewhere in sql server So why can`t we access those statements (Any idea..) Shaurabh
All dts information stored in MSDB..sysdtspackages table in PACKAGEDATA column which is HEX code….
So through TSQL you can’t read this information… MohammedU.