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DTS/Transformation rowguid

Haven’t used the rowguid column before so sorry if this is a simple question.
I’m building a DTS Transform package … here is my transform DTSDestination("accountManagerId") = "1"
DTSDestination("clientId") = "2"
DTSDestination("clientName") = DTSSource("Col002")
DTSDestination("clientType") = "Account"
DTSDestination("creditStatus") = "Approved"
DTSDestination("dateFirstProject") = Null
DTSDestination("defaultInvoiceTerms") = "net 15 days"
DTSDestination("description") = ""
DTSDestination("estAnnualRevenue") = 0
DTSDestination("inactive") = "0"
DTSDestination("industryType") = " "
DTSDestination("naicsCode") = " "
DTSDestination("notes") = " "
DTSDestination("numberOfEmployees") = " "
DTSDestination("numberOfLocations") = 1
DTSDestination("parentCompanyId") = 0
DTSDestination{‘rowguid’]= ?????????????????
DTSDestination("totalSales") = 0
DTSDestination("website") = " " It’s the DTSDestination{‘rowguid’]= that continues to blow. I’ve tried everything I
can think of :-(. The table column is rowguid with default newid(). Thanks for your help.
Leave the column out the transform. It should be able to insert a value automatically using the NEWID() default. Or you could force a value into the column by entering a GUID e.g "{12345678-ABCD-EF34-1234-123456789011}". I wouldn’t recommend this. This GUIDs are meant to be ‘automagically’ generated by SQL server and used (mostly) internally. Nathan H.O.
First : Sorry for my poor english.
Second :I have the same problem : execpt :
If i leave the column out the transform the rowguid make me an alert because it must be not null… Il i try newid() it make me an error to… Do you have a solution for this ?