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DTS under VB .Net – Database not activated error

I have a situation where i have an app that I built by modifying the VB code
extracted from the DB import export wizard. The code basically imports an
Access database into SQL Server. I added the ability for a user to select
many Databases and then the program loops through the databases importing
them into SQL. The code works fine with a single database but when it loops
I’m running into a problem…specifically I get an error that suggests that
it is attempting to write to the database before it is ready to accept the
data…the DTS error reads: "Copy Data From… Step failed Could not find
database ID 19. database may not be activated yet or may be in transition." What can I do to solve this? i thought if i put a sleep in there somewhere
it would give SQL Server a chance to catch up, but it is all happening on
the DTS side of things. Any suggestions?
Looks to me like your code is referencing a database that does not exist. Check sysdatabases – I would say that there is no entry with a dbid of 19