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DTS Vs SQL Server memory

I have a DTS package. This package loads data (10Million) and calls a lot of stored procedures for calculation The package is run through SQL Server Job. When the job runs, I notice that there is a separate task dtsrun.exe consuming 13MB of memory and lot of page faults(I noticed PF Delta) happening for this process. SQL Server consumed 1.7GB of memory and there is no page faults.
The SQL Server :total server memory and Target server memory are same.
My questions are
1. Is DTS pacakage is a separate process from SQL Server ?
2. If so, then In which process the data is loaded and calculations are happening ?
Is is happening in DTS memory area or SQLServer memory area?
3. Is there any way to allocate more memory to DTSRun.exe
4. How to find out if SQL Server is running out of memory? Thanks
Prabhu S