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dtsrun hangs after successful execution

Hi, I have a serious problem and highly appreciate your responses asap. I have migrated SQL 7.0 database to SQL 2000. Everything is fine apart from the DTS packages. I have made slight modifications to the DTS packages to pick up parameters dynamically from an XML file. That means, I have added couple of DTS steps to the existing packages. The DTS packages runs fine when kicked off manually. Now, when I schedule the same in an Agent, it hangs. I tried executing the same from the command prompt using dtsrun and the packages works fine and loads all the data, but it nevers completes. It displayes the last step "Package execution complete", but I never get the command prompt back. Any one who has done this, please provide help. My guess is that this could be due to the change in MDAC version. But, am desperately looking for a solution. Thanks in Advance.

I got the solution. It was simple. I installed Service Pack 3
Thank you for sharing the solution <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />